31 May 2008

Jumper - Cel mai prost film vazut de mine in ultimii doi ani

Film de cacat! film de cacat! film de cacat! aaaah!!
Imi vreau 1 ora si cele 24 de minute inapoi!!

Am prins cred vreo 12 "goofs" in timpul filmului pe care le-am uitat logic.. Cea mai mare gafa mi s-a parut: De ce naiba nu foloseau pistoale, pusti, agheuri????? ah????
De nobili ce erau? asta e semnalata si pe imdb. Mai bine citez un comentator de acolo. Sunt de acord cu ce spune, as mai avea cateva de adaugat, dar sunt pe fuga.
Sfatul meu.. sa nu dea naiba sa va uitati la Jumper ;)

You know, if I was being hunted by an bunch of insane psychotics who wanted to kill me, I'd be gosh darned tempted to SHOOT THEM WITH A GUN.

Sadly the hero, who otherwise can do anything and buy anything he wants, is too stupid to do this. And pick any substitute word for 'stupidity' you like. Chances are you'll be shouting it at the screen; probably along with some colourful metaphors.

It's not as if it's a 'hero' story. The guy's a complete jerk without a redeemable bone in his body from opening to credits. He changes in no way, learns nothing, and retains at all times an IQ smaller than his shoe size.

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Anonymous said...

eu l'am prins la cinema in premiera :(( deci am pierdut si mai mult..deci stai bine! :))si al doilea film prost desi are o nota mare:iron man!