16 September 2008


Caut un music player pt blog sa il pun pe sidebar. Ar putea sa fie cu playlist sau nu. As vrea sa pun muzica mai des pe blog si sa nu fac un post pentru asta.
Daca stiti vreun player frumos, sau daca stiti un alt blog unde au player ok, let me know ;)


eleni said...

trilulilu :)sau imeem.

Alpha-Leader said...

Look here :) More music for your blog......
What do you know... a post form my blog talking about this... :P



Taner said...

Look here :) Today's secret :P

I don't really like the graphics of the blog players.. and i am searching for a player that supports a playlist of tracks.
Anyway thanks for trying ;)

Alpha-Leader said...

Well Deezer is able to put your playlist in a custom player for you to put in your blog... Check here!
And by my standards... it looks quite nifty!

Taner said...

alpha thanks for helping. i used Deezer. didn't know 'bout embeddable playlist :D